Bauspar contract 2017: BHW is triple test winner News always well informed

Bauspar contract 2017: BHW is triple test winner

The Bauspar contract comparison 2017 helps future homeowners to find a cheap deal. After all, those who do not compare will end up paying too much for the home savings contract, regardless of which form of building savings is decided on. Homeowners, who are already close to a follow-up financing, should, however, hurry to secure best terms.

Bausparvertrag Vergleich 2017: Mit der besten Variante zum Eigenheim
Bauspar contract 2017: Avoid high cost differences

In the current Bauspar contract 2017 Comparison of Focus-Money, the experts examined which building societies in times of low interest rates can offer the best conditions (Issue 3/2017). The decision for one or the other building society may end up costing the future property owner several thousand or even ten thousand euros .

In comparison, the experts examined classic, flexible and interest-free building savings as well as state-subsidized homeowners’ pensions, also known as Wohnriester. Already in 2016 there was a similar test of Focus-Money. The test winners have hardly changed .

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Bauspar contract 2017: BHW can convince overall

The Bauspar contract 2017 shows that there are now different ways to home. Because in addition to the classic Bauspar contract, the building societies offer alternative options, such as flexible or interest-saving building savings . In addition, there is the state-subsidized Wohnriester. Before anyone can sign a contract, they should first be aware of which option is best for them. On the other hand, it is advisable to consider other real estate financing. After all, the interest on home savings and savings contracts is currently not very attractive.

Depending on the type of Bauspar saving and the amount of Bauspar volume result in the end high cost differences. The deciding factors in addition to the closing fees are above all the credit interest in the accumulation phase and the loan interest rate in the repayment phase. As in the previous year, BHW can assert itself as a test winner in the categories of classic and flexible home savings as well as homeowners. Focus-Money has also tested the Zinsssere Bauspar variant this year. Here Wüstenrot convinces with the best result .

Top 3 in the Bauspar contract 2017 (for classic Bauspar)

  1. BHW Bausparkasse AG – Tariff WB +
  2. Deutsche Bank Bauspar AG – WohnBausparen Plus FX2
  3. Old Leipzig Bauspar AG – AL Baufinanz 2.5

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Best Bauspar contracts for modernization measures

Once the house has been built or bought, renovations are often necessary over the years. These can also finance owners with the help of a home savings contract. Which providers offer the best financial advantages compared to a bank savings plan or a bank savings loan, Stiftung Warentest already in mid-2016 examined.

Based on three model cases, which provide for a different financing period (4, 6 and 8 years) and a different total payment (15,000 euros, 30,000 euros and 50,000 euros), it can be seen that home savings savers can save more than 2,400 euros. Bausparkasse Mainz (MaxDirekt F), Alte Leipziger (AL-Baufinanz 2.5) and BHW (Wohnbausparen Plus FX2) offer the biggest advantage in terms of financing for the model cases.

Forward Loans: Ensure favorable interest rates for follow-up financing

With the Bauspar contract comparison future property owners learn how they can save high costs. But even people who have already bought a house or apartment and repay their loan, can benefit from the current good interest rates . Finally, a follow-up loan can be used to cheaply repay an existing loan after the fixed interest period.

However, as the interest rate landscape may change over the next few years and loan interest rates may rise again, it is recommended for those who plan on a follow -up loan soon or in a few years to consider a so-called forward loan . Thus, a borrower completes a follow-up financing in advance. Even if interest rates rise sharply in the meantime, interest rates agreed at the time of conclusion apply. The longer a forward loan is completed in advance, the higher the interest premiums on today’s interest rates. Possible is a lead time of 36 to 60 months .

Which providers stand out with very good conditions , has also Focus-Money (4/2017) examined in the current forward loan comparison. Five companies get an excellent rating: Commerzbank, ERGO Group, ING-DiBa, LVM Financial Services / Augsburger Aktienbank and Zurich Deutscher Herold Lebensversicherung.


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