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Thursday, 20.07.17 , written by Anja Schlicht At € 5,676 billion, the Bundesbank estimates the financial assets of private households in Germany. This makes the citizens rich as never before. Around 2,136 billion euros are dormant in insurance and pension funds. In view of this sum, it is not surprising that 

 Sparverhalten der Deutschen: Konsum weniger wichtig

Retire money for retirement is saving motive number 1

For the 60th time, the Association of Private Building Societies surveyed more than 2,000 citizens on their savings motives. While most recently, they had most likely spent money on consumer goods, the Germans now seem to focus more on their retirement planning . Because the saving motive consumption loses with the most recent questioning seven percentage points and takes with 54 per cent of the entries only place 2 in the survey. Saving for old-age provision , on the other hand, remains stable at 58 percent, making it the number one savings target again.

Save for rent-free living in old age

“At a purposeful Vorsparen no way around, one wants to fall later not in a debt case”, comments the chairman of the federation, Andreas J. Zehnder, the results to the current saving behavior of the Germans. He also refers to the growing interest of respondents to put money for home ownership on the high edge . This savings target ranks third with 46 percent of entries and has gained four percentage points compared to the previous survey. Zehnder sees the recent debates about the future of pensions as a cause that have “raised the awareness of rented housing in old age among the citizens”.

Place 4 occupies the capital investment with 27 percent. Many uncertainties due to the financial crisis are still noticeable here. Ten years ago, 44 ​​percent of respondents named the investment as a savings target. With three percent each, the Sparmotive nest egg and training of children for the Germans are relatively unimportant. Tip: Citizens’ interest in saving for their retirement is unbroken. Use existing contacts and hook up with the retirement planning of your existing customers. The fastest way to new customers, however, is about us and the acquisition of our high quality retirement savings leads.

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